• To build a fleet of rafts (using mostly recycled and discarded materials) that can house and transport a crew of sailors and performers from Zaragoza down the Rio Ebro.
• To utilise the assistance of a diverse community of people – a motley crew of pirates from all over the globe – builders, sailors, activists, artists, performers all contributing voluntarily their time, materials, finances, talents and labour to create an all inclusive project.
• To create awareness of the vast amount of waste generated by society and to send a message of recycling, re-using and reducing as well as re-evaluating the way we consume – to all who encounter our raft and online journey.
• To broaden people’s outlook on housing and travelling in our current environmental milieu.
• To put on performances with an assortment of artists and performers in the various ports and towns where we arrive.
• To spread and enforce our general messages by entertaining and educating people.