Who are these people?

A motley crew from all over the globe –  builders, sailors, activists, artists and performers all contributing voluntarily their time, materials, finances, talents and labour to create an all inclusive project.

Most volunteers play an active part in the burner community (participants and volunteers in one or more global Burning Man events).

People who question the status quo of urban society and its limitations on where and how we are supposed to live (in cities, towns, suburbs, and apartments and on land in general) wanting to exercise and push the limits of the rights as citizens of the world, to be free to wander the planet and its open spaces and waterways.

Hoping to spread valuable messages to those who are not yet aware of the threatening issues. We want to demonstrate viable, sustainable alternatives to travelling and living while spreading essential messages and hopefully sparking some creativity, wherever we dock.

Some of the team members include:

A French citizen journalist who left his job in IT to ‘live more in accordance to his values’ and spent months on a bike cycling through Spain and France working ‘in exchange for food for body and soul.’

A freelance blogger and writer – and event project manager – from the southernmost tip of Africa who recently discovered alternative ways of travelling and is keen to explore the stories it could spread. For all her lack of water experience (can Africans swim?) she is bringing along her brother, he’s a professional river guide in Southern Africa and we all feel a little safer now!

A global citizen from down under, who has been involved in activism for over a decade – from human rights and the environment to workers- and social injustice issues.

A student of social sciences – with specific interests in the political economy of migration, environmental issues and heterodox economics – who has run a circus skills club and competed internationally as a unicyclist.

A tri-lingual open source software developer – with a passion for interactions between the digital and the physical world as well as recycling and sustainability.

A London based urban gardener and keen amateur sailor – with a degree in 3D design and past experience in building and art projects – who is also a circus performer and clown.

British freelance carpenter with a background in structural woodwork and over 7 years experience building set pieces for theatre and art pieces for festivals.

A young American ex-pat who has been living in France for the last three years with a passion for performance art, organizing, and challenging the status quo.

To name but a few…