A big part of our trip will be focused on staging educational shows where ever we dock. We want to leave lasting, important messages with everyone in our wake. Some of the lovely ladies in our Performers Crew include:

Miss Mondo:
A hula hooper, a fire performer and an activist from New Zealand who has been involved in performance and choreography in a variety of fields from musical theatre, urban festivals and more *ahem* adult themed evenings for years. With her team, Miss Mondo will be planning, choreographing and performing shows which will not only provide a spectacle for all who see, but that also raise awareness about just how wasteful our current society can be.

Feather Shaw is a passionate, community-minded performer who graduated from  the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand with a Theatre Studies Degree. For many years Feather held a strong presence within Dunedin’s activism, burlesque, circus and theatre communities. Now based in Melbourne, Australia; Feather is pursuing a career teaching circus skills to children and performing in a number of physical theatre and dance performances around the state.

Originating from Italy but travelling for a few years, Luna is now heading back to Europe. With a performance background including pole dancing, horror burlesque, choreography and fire dancing, Luna is ready, willing and able to collectively put together some performances which will turn heads.

Sunny Ray:
A New Zealand based performer well known around the country as musician, fire performer and all around carni. Sunny has a variety of skills in circus and manipulation arts, music, fire performance, character building and working with children.  Listen to some of her music via SoundCloud.

Pussy Willow:
A special guest for some of the performances – Pussy Willow is a performer specialising in shock value. She is often seen shedding her clothes and taking part in stunts which cause the heart to flutter.  Keep an eye out for this one…

Abby April:

A young American ex-pat who has been living in France for the last three years with a passion for performance art, organizing, and challenging the status quo.


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