Our “fool’s ark” will be made from what society considers junk – anything we can get our hands on, discarded and thought to no longer be useful. We want to recycle, up-cycle and find innovative ways to give new purpose to scrap.

From an ecological point of view we find motivation in The Floating Neutrinos (the first scrap raft to cross the North Atlantic) and Richie Sowa’s Spiral Island Project, a ‘Junk’ craft constructed from plastic bottles that crossed the Pacific Ocean in order to draw attention to the ‘ocean of plastic’ in the Pacific Gyre, discovered by Capt Charles Moore of the Algalita Marine Research Foundtaion.

One of the rafts we want to build will be a large floating stage on which performers will entertain with shows and productions at towns and ports along the way from Spain to Italy. The performance and art side of the project is inspired by Swoon’s ‘Swimming cities’ at Venice Biennale; the Miss Rockaway Armada and many other floating art and activism projects.