An international mix of activist, builders and performers, collectively known as The Junk Raft Armada, are gathered in Calafou, Spain to build a fleet of three or four junk rafts. In July 2013 they will embark on a trip down the Rio Ebro, spreading important ecological messages along the way. Ranging from 22 to 45 years old, they are concerned about our planet’s ecological state. Since the first crew met, they have wanted to do something about it – here is the plan.

Their “rubish idea” started in 2012 and since May this year, crews have been working on gathering materials from the streets of Barcelona.

Inspired by the bizarre, by recycling and re-purposing, the crew of the Junk Raft Armada wants to explore innovative ways to give new purpose to scrap and demonstrate viable, sustainable alternatives to travelling and living.

The rafts are being constructed from old furniture, pallets, crates, steel and bits and pieces – all items discarded by Barcelona. The eco-pirate ships are being decorated with everything from bottle caps, old beads, furniture, shade cloth, plastic, toys and other treasures we gathered on our scavenging trips through the urban jungle.

Flotation for the rafts also gets gathered on the streets; hundreds of plastic bottles (from 5l water containers to 25l oil barrels) have been sown together to (literally) keep the project afloat and hundreds more are still needed.

The multi-talented crew are busy planning performances to share with the people along the Ebro, wherever they step ashore. The interactive performances will be full of fun, fire, dancing, songs and costumes and props made from recycled materials. This will be our medium to spread essential messages, educating people about the vast amount of waste that our society generates and how much of it is ending up in our vital waterways.

The rafts set sail from Tudela on the 20th of July and we hope to reach Caspe by the 20th of August.


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