You can help us!

If you follow this blog you will know that we are in Ca la Fou, working on building our rafts, preserving food, making decorations and costumes and getting to know each other.

We still need your help to raise funds for the things we would rather not pick out of a dumpster, like essential safety equipment (life vests, radios, fire extinguishers…) We also prefer to use new fixings on the rafts (screws and bolts, ropes, as well as welding and drill bits – see a video of Ants trying to straighten an old nail, here.)

And then there is Mohamed, the beloved but not to be trusted old Mercedes van, who enjoys drinking way too much expensive fuels and uses only imported parts from Germany. We need him fixed up to transport all found materials to the build site and soon we need to get our rafts to the river!        


Please head over to our indiegogo campaign and make a donation, every bit helps!                                                                                                         

For your donation we will send you presents! I know you fancy some limited edition Junk Raft Armada swag – we have screen-print patches, button badges, junk crafts and hand-made bunting flags!

You can also help us in other ways… you might know someone along the Ebro that will let us shower in their garden or you live in Barcelona and can donate a barrel or a few suit jackets for our costumes…  We also need Spanish translators, lots of strange materials and lots of hands to sow flotation. Please get in touch if you want to get involved. 

As soon as I type up that spider diagram from this morning’s meeting we will have a specific list of things we need. Manana Manana…

For now, thank you, gracias, merci, dankie, diolch i chi, danke!


Building a raft baby, building a raft

Pretty pirates and hot hippies hard at work building rafts in Ca La Fou.

We have gone all OCD on our junk and have been organizing all our crap into piles of useful wood, decoration, trims and things that float.

Here is our latest video

We have had some issues with our van (dammit Mohammed) and thus a few days of delays in getting our hundreds and hundreds of plastic bottles from Barcelona, but in the meanwhile we are happily decorating raft nr 1 and starting on to build onto the second deck.

Meanwhile the girls are doing some junk crafting, gardening and food preservation. We will put up some tutorials to show you how to DIY soon!

Junk Raft Armada in Ca La Fou

We are back! Our first campaign was a resounding success and many thanks go out to all who helped us out along the way! Without you, this project would not have been possible.

Your contributions helped us buy a van, fill her up with fuel, and get her insured. We also have been able to rent a storage space in Barcelona, provide contributions to the Ca La Fou community for workshop space, power, and tools for building/clearing land.

Alas! We are in need of a little more assistance! Unfortunately there are some necessities which we simply can not scavenge. This particularly applies to safety equipment such as sets of waterproof battery radios for communication aboard, getting the trailer made legal for Spanish roads, putting a tow bar on the van, buying or renting scaffolding poles for the build and performance rig, eco-friendly foodstuffs and equipment for cooking as well as fuel for fire performances.

In case you are just coming aboard, The Junk Raft Armada is a group of artists, performers, and eco-pirates from around the world, who have connected with each other through the global Burning Man community. We are passionate about protecting the environment, community organising, and creative outreach.

It is our aim to connect with local communities in Europe to show people how waste is affecting our waterways and oceans. To do this we will build a fleet of floating art pieces, essentially rafts made from anything we find discarded by society.

We will sail down the Rio Ebro over July and August, stopping in at local communities to perform and spread our message of sustainability and to inspire those we encounter.

Awareness about the state of our oceans is growing and we are not alone in our aim to raise awareness about these issues. Helping us play our part in the waterways of Europe, will mean helping to stop the tidal wave of environmental destruction.

We are on-site now, working around the clock not only to ensure that this project is a success, but also to explore the possibility of creating future Junk Raft endeavours around the globe. This first trip will set the bar for future Junk Raft Armada voyages. We don’t want to stop here but embark every year on a new journey, inviting a new group of salty dogs to step aboard and experience alternative living. Several crew members hope to continue on board the rafts, learning more about sustainable living to spread their interest in recycling, raft building, and earth ships.

The principle of our project is anchored on finding and recycling objects from the surrounding communities and businesses for most of our building materials. We hope not to purchase anything new for the actual raft construction, instead only buying proper safety equipment like life vests, radios, fire extinguishers etc. To ensure the crews safety we will also be needing proper tools to make sound structures ( I.e. welding rods, drill bits, fixings such as screws and bolts, ropes). In order to transport all of these found materials to our build site, fuel for our vehicles will also be necessary. It is difficult to calculate exact costs, but we will economise all donations received and spend them only on our Junk Raft Armada. We hope to prove that a handful of people can make an adventure and inspire change with nothing but a mountain of trash and a little help from all of you!

For all the donations we receive, we will send you presents! They will take the shape of limited edition Junk Raft Armada cloth patches (s,m,l depending on your contributions), button badges, and hand-made bunting flags!

The crew consists of many hard working and creative souls. To learn more about the crew members, our inspirations and follow us please visit our website.

Share our links with your friends and family because the eco-pirates of the Junk Raft Armada can only set sail with contributions from landlubbers like you! If you would like to participate in the build, you are a fire performer or experienced sailor interested in the voyage, or if you are an artist that would like to assist in the junk-crafting as incentives for donations, please contact Those who can’t donate can always help by spreading this page to all your awesome friends.

Thanks so much xx

¡La Flotilla de las Balsas de Reciclaje llega a tu ciudad!

Facebook Evento aqui

¿Qué es la Flotilla de las Balsas de Reciclaje?

Somos un grupo internacional compuesto por 25 nómadas, voluntari@s y artistas, que estamos construyendo unas balsas con materiales desechados y reciclados, con las que planeamos descender el río Ebro. La construcción de las balsas se lleva a cabo en la colonia de Ca La Fou, miembro de la Cooperativa Integral Catalana, y se prolongará hasta principios de julio. Nuestra intención es zarpar en El Bocal (31512) y navegar hasta Caspe (50700).

¿Cuáles son nuestros objetivos?

Los objetivos del proyecto son educar y entretener. Queremos concienciar a las personas sobre el valor del reciclaje, la cantidad de residuos que generamos y nuestros patrones de consumo. En los diferentes puertos que cruzaremos a lo largo del camino llevaremos a cabo actuaciones de sensibilización sobre el problema de la contaminación del agua, que tanto nos afecta a todos. Navegamos sobre balsas construidas con desechos para poner en práctica el ‘upcycling’ (sobreciclado) y demostrar, con hechos tangibles, que existen formas innovadoras y sostenibles para reutilizar lo que se considera “basura”.

– Un evento interesante y educativo para la agenda cultural de la comunidad local.

– Una oportunidad para que niños y adultos conozcan de primera mano qué es el “sobreciclado”.

– Una ocasión para poder intercambiar experiencias con personas o grupos ecologistas locales.

– Visualización, en forma de agradecimiento a las entidades colaboradoras, fotografías, y referencia a las localidades visitadas en todo material publicado referente al proyecto.

El proyecto depende, en su totalidad, del trabajo voluntario de sus participantes y de donaciones; por lo que esperamos poder contar con el apoyo de ayuntamientos, asociaciones y colectivos locales o toda persona que desee participar en esta pequeña gran aventura.

¿Cómo podéis colaborar?

Sería estupendo poder contar con vuestra colaboración en cualquiera de los siguientes puntos prácticos:

– Un lugar, lo más cercano posible a la ciudad, dónde poder amarrar las balsas durante un máximo de 24 horas, en el que el público pueda visitarnos con facilidad.

– Presentándonos a grupos, asociaciones o personas que dediquen parte de su tiempo a la ecología y quieran compartir sus experiencias con nosotr@s.

– Presentándonos a artistas locales que quieran actuar con nosotr@s o por su cuenta.

– Si tu población dispone de un polideportivo municipal nos encantaría poder usar sus instalaciones para poder asearnos.

– Agua potable del grifo para llenar nuestras reservas.

Y, por último, aceptaríamos encantados toda invitación a comer, ya que opinamos que es una forma ideal de conocer e interactuar con gente nueva, intercambiar experiencias y aprender de todo ello.

¡Esperamos conoceros pronto en el camino!

La Flotilla de las Balsas de Reciclaje.


Teléfonos: 627 056 253 ó 670 433 521


Sitio web:

Medios de Comunicación Social:

Greetings from Ca La Fou

Hi everyone !

We have been pretty silent those past weeks, we apologize for that. We have been fixing the last details before heading Ca La Fou. This place is fabulous, part of the Cooperativa integral de Cataluña, a community of about 20 people is living in this colonia postcapitalista. We will report as best as we can this rare piece of alternative living.

Meanwhile, the build has started, we are scavenging in Barcelona and are getting in contact with locals to scavenge closer from here. Those of us who are living here have been doing their first meeting “Away From the Keyboard” and it went well, the crew is on for this challenge !

We go to bed late and we wake up early, especially because of the work we have to do. But you know, we are all excited about turning this idea into reality thanks to you !

Thanks so much for everything you have turned possible.

Love from Ca La Fou !


PS : you can now follow our blog by mail with the follow button on the right.