this is weir(d)

This will be my last post as the “official blogger” for the JRA. Yesterday I packed my bags and Rory and I hitched from Gelsa to Barcelona where my new adventure starts. However, the amazing Armada crew is still on the Rio and steadily making way towards their destination.

It has been a fantastic month and I enjoyed the time I spent on the water and with the crew immensely. It feels strange to be clean and fresh and working from a “real table”…

In my last post I would like to pay homage to my homies and all the incredible moments I experienced with them.

Crazy personalities from all over the globe, all with a passion and a vision that has inspired people all along our way. I am proud to say I served on your crew and I will tell the stories of the JRA for many years to come. I wish you good luck on the river ahead and wish I could cruise further down stream with you, but Europe calls and I have to answer.

On my last day on the Rio we had to negotiate a weir, Louw (my super brother) and the team did a fantastic job and we made it look easy carrying and rigging three home made junk rafts over a pretty big weir. On Saturday while we were hitching they had to go over FOUR weirs, and although I have not yet heard from them I am sure it went well (no news is good news right?)


Imageso this is Helena signing out as online captain.

Go well my dirty 21st century hippie friends. I LOVE AND RESPECT YOU FOR EVER!


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