Smooth sailing

It feels to us at the moment like the towns along the Ebro are competing to see who can spoil and support us the most.

We have only been outside Quinto de Ebro for about 15 hours and already we have had visitors with beer, chips, beet, mint, eggs, pastries, cake, apple pie, coffee, bread and lots of love.

Yesterday we set off from Fuentes where we performed and walked away with boxes of meet, cheese, bread, fruit, cola and yes, BEER.

We are regrouping in our lovely camp site outside Quito waiting for some new and old crew members to join us, planning our next performance (in Quinto tomorrow night) and attempting to eat everything we have been donated.

As burners we are all accustomed to hospitality and being treated well while travelling but the generosity of the Spaniards we have met has truly blown us all away.

(internet connection too dodgy to upload pictures at the moment, please try again later…)





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