We are prepping hard in the hope of hitting the water (finally) on Wednesday…

Since arriving in Zaragoza we have…

swam (the place we found to store our rafts and camp is close to a public pool, perfect for crusty nobodies returning to civilization) showered; washed the Nowhere dust from our clothes; slept in real beds (either in hostels or with new friends or on couches); gotten in touch with loved ones who were starting to get worried; set up camp in a dirty, dusty (just how we like it) parking lot; had a few long, emotional meetings; sowed the last (hooray) of our flotation; cooked lunch from Mohamed for the first (second and third) time; endured a daily thunder storm; scouted a launching point; got in touch with Friends of the Ebro; made life jackets; put on a show at local Bar Voltaire; walked through the streets of the city with pirate/sailor outfits carrying oars and big backdrops; fought the Nowhere bug; decorated the fish boat; sorted out all the food donated to us by our amazing friends and supporters at Nowhere; updated our budget and wrote this list of things we have done…


First crew on site at our new parking camping spot


First lunch from the van

IMG_0763 IMG_0764


stitchin and bitchin


The Presenters at Bar Voltaire


The Performers at Bar Voltaire


Hide your kids, the pirates are in town



Finally all the flotation bags are sewn and we can attache them!

We are hoping to launch on Wednesday (due to wanting to meet up with Friends of the Ebro tomorrow). So keen to get on the water, like someone said yesterday “I didn’t come to Spain to sew bags in a filthy parking lot, I want to get rafting…”

Amen. Hopefully our next update is from the water!


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