Time flies when you go Nowhere!




As you might know, we took our rafts to Nowhere festival in the Spanish desert… it seems everyone was having way too much fun to take pictures and I could not really get online to update the blog or social feeds (that is the point of going deep into the remote desert right?).

Our performers truly put on “the most spectacular thing the Monegros desert had ever seen” and participants of the festival showed great interest in our project, a few hotties might even catch up and join us for a part of the journey…

Alas, here are a few pictures to show we were there and we survived it all and we are alive and well in Zaragoza planning our departure for early next week.

Yup it is all happening…

More updates as soon as we have recovered from being back in the default world (personally I did 21 days of the dust and it takes some getting used to, especially this online world!)


The spot where we are storing the rafts is super polluted and a great place to start cleaning up the banks of the Ebro.



The full piece says “work hard play hard” but we are ignorantly assuming the hard work part is over…


Working picnic lunch on the banks of “our river”. Planning the next few days leading up to our launch.


Dusty pirate snail at Nowhere


We certainly arrived at Nowhere…



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