You can help us!

If you follow this blog you will know that we are in Ca la Fou, working on building our rafts, preserving food, making decorations and costumes and getting to know each other.

We still need your help to raise funds for the things we would rather not pick out of a dumpster, like essential safety equipment (life vests, radios, fire extinguishers…) We also prefer to use new fixings on the rafts (screws and bolts, ropes, as well as welding and drill bits – see a video of Ants trying to straighten an old nail, here.)

And then there is Mohamed, the beloved but not to be trusted old Mercedes van, who enjoys drinking way too much expensive fuels and uses only imported parts from Germany. We need him fixed up to transport all found materials to the build site and soon we need to get our rafts to the river!        


Please head over to our indiegogo campaign and make a donation, every bit helps!                                                                                                         

For your donation we will send you presents! I know you fancy some limited edition Junk Raft Armada swag – we have screen-print patches, button badges, junk crafts and hand-made bunting flags!

You can also help us in other ways… you might know someone along the Ebro that will let us shower in their garden or you live in Barcelona and can donate a barrel or a few suit jackets for our costumes…  We also need Spanish translators, lots of strange materials and lots of hands to sow flotation. Please get in touch if you want to get involved. 

As soon as I type up that spider diagram from this morning’s meeting we will have a specific list of things we need. Manana Manana…

For now, thank you, gracias, merci, dankie, diolch i chi, danke!

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