Greetings from Ca La Fou

Hi everyone !

We have been pretty silent those past weeks, we apologize for that. We have been fixing the last details before heading Ca La Fou. This place is fabulous, part of the Cooperativa integral de Cataluña, a community of about 20 people is living in this colonia postcapitalista. We will report as best as we can this rare piece of alternative living.

Meanwhile, the build has started, we are scavenging in Barcelona and are getting in contact with locals to scavenge closer from here. Those of us who are living here have been doing their first meeting “Away From the Keyboard” and it went well, the crew is on for this challenge !

We go to bed late and we wake up early, especially because of the work we have to do. But you know, we are all excited about turning this idea into reality thanks to you !

Thanks so much for everything you have turned possible.

Love from Ca La Fou !


PS : you can now follow our blog by mail with the follow button on the right.

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