Thank goodness most of us are natural born hoarders.

We have been very successful at scavenging Barcelona and sent our first van load out to Ca La Fou this morning.

We are finding all sorts if useful trash – from wood to suitcases, fence netting to wall mirrors. There is WAY to much ikea furniture littering the streets, smashed to pieces, useless in nearly every way…

junk collected


The plastic containers in the picture above were collected during two nights in the city. It’s about 100 liters of flotation, enough to keep 50-60kg out of the water. We need literally hundreds of these!

For our friends in Barcelona, please gather them up when your area has trash collection and let us know you have a bundle. We will organise to get someone to meet you or come to your place to collect them, the more bottles the better – we want to reduce our CO2 emission as much as possible !

In the next week crew start arriving from London, driving through France, flying in from Malaysia, America South Africa and Australia and we are just about ready to start the build! Those in Spain already are all very keen to get started, scavenging materials has got them all inspired and ready to go!

Meanwhile, in Ca La Fou a crew spent a solid three hours working with a machete to clear space for us to work, build and camp. Aparently three hours wielding a machete does wonders for the soul… 

Today they finish clearing up the outdoor space we are using for storage and work.

So, anchors aweigh… watch this space!

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