Wheels for the Armada

After countless hours digging through the Catalan used car online underworld, tons of phone calls, we finally set our sights on an old
white Mercedes MB-100, and kind of fell in love with it just by looking at the pictures.


The Armada logo will become real as soon as Antony can get his hands on some spray paint as opposed to a laptop and Photoshop.

When we went to check it out last Saturday and saw it sitting there in a parking lot in all its squarish glory we started to get quite excited. We inspected the papers, kicked the tires, stood hopeful on the side as the invaluable Edwin performed his secret mechanical rituals deep in the bowels of the beast, and took it for a ride in the small suburban town of Sant Boi.

And then, after some careful deliberations, we decided that yes, this van had enough horsepower, space and most of all enough character to become part of the Armada.


This picture is a bonus for those who have seen the movie Wristcutters and remember the black hole under the passenger seat. This hole under the clutch will eat countless cell phones, you can bet on that.

This morning we suffered a couple boring hours slogging through the Spanish bureaucracy, we got robbed by the government, and finally exchanged a thick roll of euro bills for a set of keys, and we drove off into a bright sunny day.

Without valid insurance, which we will try to acquire as soon as possible, together with a tow ball and its related stack of paperwork. Or maybe just the tow ball. We’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, say hi to Mohammed the Van, and welcome him into the Armada by adding another notch in his rear bumper with your steel toed boot next time you see him.

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