Where we’re at…

We are currently recruiting build crew of 20 volunteers to work in or near Zaragoza, Spain from May to July 2013.

They will produce pontoons up to 4m wide and 6m long – with platforms for bunkrooms, a galley, cabins and a stage. (want to help?)

We in the process of finding and securing storage and build space in or near Zaragoza.  (know of somewhere?)

All sorts of building material are being scavenged – and transportation from UK and France arranged with volunteer crew.  (got something to give?)

We will contact junk yards, scrap dealers, construction companies, boat builders, storage companies, yacht clubs and marinas to recycle what they throw away.

We will build with scrap wood, plastic bottles, fishing nets, steel framing, old cars or caravans, Styrofoam, water-tight containers, cans, sheet metal, old scaffolding, roofing materials and any ‘useful junk’ such as old boats, fishing buoys and wharf/jetty pontoons.


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